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Parker Adoption Update

Posted by St. Animal Pet adoptions on October 24, 2016 at 2:25 PM

Update on Parker, NKA Jax. He is such an incredible wonderful and loving dog. He's put on weight and looks great. He snuggles with me every night in bed and he's always smiling. We were taking him for long walks with Lucy, and she has started coming out of her shell as well.


We've just had an unfortunate set back a few weeks ago. While at the park in the off leash area, all the dogs were running and playing, and a boxer mix slammed into my left side, dislocation my hip, cracking my tibia, and messing up my mcl. Two surgeries later and a week in the hospital, I'm home, but, we won't be going to the park for a while. So, we play ball inside instead

OR Theresa takes him out to the yard. He LOVES playing with his ball.


I attached some photos of him and the rest of the gang. We're one big happy family.


Thank you again for trusting me with him. He's my buddy and can't imagine life with out him.


Have a great weekend and tell Shannon I said hello.



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